Your Three Best Investments

Your Three Best InvestmentsMost of us are invested in either 401K’s, IRA’s, real estate, and you might have a bountiful personal stock portfolio too. These are great as they are tools to secure your financial future but are they the three best investments that you can make?

The three best investments that you can invest in yourself are time, energy, and money. How much do you invest in yourself? Do you invest a considerable amount of time, energy, and even money into your personal growth, development, learning, or even your health?

Continually investing in yourself will always produce a positive yield. If you want an education, it costs time and money, but what you learn can never be taken away from you. If you want to learn a new skill or trade, the same applies, it might take money and it will definitely require time and energy, but once you learn it… it’s yours.

What about your health and fitness… that definitely takes time, energy, and money – sometimes a lot. On top of that, how do you capitalize on those investments? If you spent a lot of money on a particular exercise machine or gym membership, great… but are you also putting in the appropriate amount of time and energy to maximize your return on that investment?

The thing about investing in yourself is this… you have to go “all in” for the investments to work. If you only are willing to invest time, but no energy or money, it is probably not going to work out. Or in the example above, you can spend all the money in the world, but if you are unwilling to put out any effort (time and energy) that investment won’t work either.

If you are willing to spend the time and the energy to study but you are too cheap to buy a book or the materials… same result… and that is no result.

Anyone who knows me knows that I invest A LOT in myself and always have. My collection of worn out running shoes, and my bookshelf are evidence of that. I never dare to add up all the money I spend every year just on running alone. Shoes, race fees, and other stuff, all of it adds up rather quickly. But I read once where every dollar your spend on yourself, especially for health and fitness, saves many dollars down the road in health care costs.

I plan to capitalize on the time and energy spent in the future as I figure every mile I run today at 47 will make it easier for me to walk and function at 87. Like all investments, it’s a gamble but it is one that I am willing to take.

The same applies for building this business. I don’t know how much money I have spent in total on everything from books, to courses, advertising, web site costs, and so on (I’m sure my tax accountant does though.) Although these are “business expenses”, in the end, I view it all as an investment in my happiness, my future, and myself; because coaching and working with people is what I want to do with my life. As you can imagine the energy and time invested has been equally huge.

Today, ask yourself, how are you investing in yourself? Are you investing fully while spending the appropriate resources, your energy, time and money?

When you invest in yourself, you will always win and over time those investments will always change the trajectory of your life. You are the sum of all of your skills, knowledge, ability, and even fitness, so it would make sense that the more you invest in these things the stronger and more capable you will be in life. In the end… the more you invest in yourself, the more control you have over your own life.

It’s worth it and YOU are worth it!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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Photo By Andy Wooten 21 Sept 2015

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