Be Kind To Your Mind

Our minds take a lot of abuse and most of it is self-inflicted. It might not be intentional and it might not be malicious but in the end we heap so much upon ourselves that is for the most part, unnecessary. Be kind to your mind – it’s the only one that you have.

Be Kind To Your Mind

Overwhelm is a thing… and not only is it a thing… most of us suffer from it most of the time… be kind to your mind and focus on what really matters in life… your health, your relationships, and your happiness instead of the things in life which might bring temporary pleasure but no long term bring stress. One of my favorite sayings about material objects from an old movie goes, “you might have less but you have less to worry about.”

Don’t over-goal your life. It is important to have goals, dreams, and ambitions but if all you are doing is working towards a multitude of goals and not taking any time to breathe (and or live) where is the fun in that? Be kind to your mind and maybe focus on only two to three big life goals at a time.

Have you ever watched children run and play? Do they look happy or do they look like they are suffering some great indignation that being forced upon them? Be kind to your mind – exercise – and if you don’t exercise then do other things that you love that provide relief from stress.

Personally this is why I love running so much… we are born to run and for me it’s a natural form of play that I get to do most days of the week. Even on big training runs that are grueling, there is always some element of fun or play to them. I ran and played as a kid… so why should it be any different at 48?

Be kind to your mind by making better decisions about EVERYTHING! Essentially before every action and before every word spoken, ask yourself, “is this going to help me or is this going to hurt me?” “Is this going to move me closer to my goals, my ideal life, my happiness, etc, or is it going to move me further away?” It’s like the old “ounce of prevention” saying… a split second of mindful thought and decision making can prevent a whole heap of stress and other messes to clean up.

How much useless “stuff” and baggage are you carrying around from your past? One of the most unkind things that we do to ourselves and out minds is refusing to let go of the past… not only do we keep carrying it around which adds stress and weight, we also tend to relive those episodes over and over again. Let go of the things that you need to from your past and live more in the moment. The same goes for the future too… let go of it and be in the now rather than compounding your stress with needless worry.

Your mind is like everything else in life… it is either growing or it is decaying or dying. Be kind to your mind and always look for ways to feed and nurture it. Always look for ways to improve and grow. Seek knowledge and strive to apply that wisdom as your mind develops. There are so many different elements to happiness, but I am convinced that a learning, developing, and growing mind is certainly a happy mind or at least a happier mind.

Lastly, choose to be happy and at peace with yourself and your life. After all, being happy is a choice and as glib as it might sound… whenever possible, choose happy thoughts over less than happy thoughts because in the end, the quality of your life is equal to the quality of your thoughts. You can buoy your self, your life, and your mind with thinking that is more positive or you can sink it with corrosive and negative thoughts… your choice…

One of my favorite lines from the 2003 movie, Bad Santa, is at the end when Willie tells the kid, “don’t take no shit from nobody, least of all yourself.” While the context and the language is coarse the message is clear… don’t be beating yourself up… be kind to yourself and be kind to your mind – there’s enough stuff in the world that can beat you up so the last thing to be doing is to be doing it to yourself.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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