Can You Really Make A Difference

 Can You Really Make A Difference


Can you really make a difference in your life, in other peoples lives, and on a grander scale, does anything you do really matter in making the world a better place as whole?

Can You Really Make A Difference

As a life coach whose job it is to help people, I wonder… and what I mean by that is that I wonder if I am making a difference at all. Is my life really enriched by what I do? Are my client’s lives significantly transformed by the work we do together? The answer to both of those questions is that I like to think so, otherwise, why bother.

Even one of the other blogs I like to read asks this same question… Can you really make a difference? In this case, the author DOES want to make a difference but questions the overall impact his words and work is having.

In another discussion this morning with another life coach, Katie, we discussed sort of the same thing…  Being a life coach is hard… doing this business can be hard… Through our talk, I came up with a few answers and a different way of looking at the impact that we as life coaches (or anyone for that matter) has on the world as a whole.

Can you really make a difference? Yes. Yes is my answer to that question and this is why…

Katie refers to her work as being ministry like. The ministry, in whatever fashion it is practiced is mostly done as a calling. We are called to do this… we are where we are not for the big paycheck but to help people in whichever way we can.

And this doesn’t apply just to life coaches… this article is for anyone who cares to read it… if you don’t think what you do makes a difference… think again. But this time look at it from the micro view…

Every interaction that you have with someone, whether they are someone you meet on the street or maybe they are a client of yours, and regardless of your line of business… you have the opportunity to somehow make their life better even if what you do seems insignificant.

I don’t care if you donate a million dollars to charity or if you patiently hold open the door at the post office for someone… do something, any action that helps someone else. I promise that if you are generous with your actions you will make a difference for others, and remember; sometimes the smallest actions have the largest impact.

Be willing to share your thoughts, insights, and wisdom with anyone who might need it. Sometimes all that people need who are around us and struggling is just a little empathy, so if you have “been there before” share that with those who are having a hard time today. Believe your knowledge and experience can be shared and make a difference, and it will!

Believe that what you do makes a difference and it will! Believe you are needed and significant and you will be. Try to reach out and make a difference in the lives of those who need it the most and I guarantee that you will positively affect those lives. Or as I am fond of saying all of the time… “Be part of the world’s solutions… not part of the world’s problems!”

You can really make a difference if you embrace this one thought… Whomever you may positively influence, when they leave you and they are feeling good they take that good into the world with them and not only does it directly affect them it also affects everyone that they encounter for the rest of the day.

Can you really make a difference? If you want to, yes.

So no matter what you do but especially if you have the opportunity to provide what might seem like just a small positive benefit for one person… think of how your positive actions and energy can spread out from there. The good that you put into the world can have a much broader impact than you may realize and that is something to keep in mind.

Not only can you really make a difference – we (all of us) need you to.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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