Developing A Strong Mind

 Developing A Strong Mind

The stronger your muscles are the more resilient they are to hard work; and what is true for muscle is just as true for your mind. Developing a strong mind not only enables you to be more resilient in life, it also gives you a higher quality of life.

Developing A Strong Mind

Although they are anatomically different, the mechanics and the process for developing a strong mind are the same for developing strong muscles. Both require stimulation through work and stress, coupled with fueling and rest to grow and to gain strength.

Just as a muscle can experience atrophy if it is not used or deprived of the proper nutrients, the mind can atrophy as well without proper stimulation or use. This is why they say that puzzles or games for the elderly with dementia provide comfort and potentially ease some of the symptoms of the disease.

But developing a strong mind is about more than becoming smarter, wiser, or retaining more knowledge. It is about having the capacity to face challenges. When a person is strong-minded, they have the energy and stamina to face a challenge without being crushed by it.

A weak mind is quick to jump to conclusions without all of the information. A weak mind is more often than not ready to react to an issue rather than respond to it. However, a strong mind will refrain from taking action based merely on assumptions and will take the time necessary to weigh all of the available options before choosing a path or course of action.

It seems as if I am hammering on this subject a lot lately but letting go of needless worrying is crucial to developing a strong mind as those who have strong minds know that to waste precious energy on molehills that may appear as mountains is just that… a waste. Therefore, a key to developing a strong mind is also developing the ability to keep all things in life in perspective. Let the little things go…

Stepping outside of your comfort zone and learning something new is crucial to developing a strong mind – you will never grow from doing the same things repeatedly that you have always done. Growth requires new action and stimuli and your brain “turns-on” whenever something new or challenging is introduced. When your brain is engaged and processing new data, it is a happy brain.

As much as you need to let go of needless worrying it is also of the utmost importance to let go of the past. Developing a strong mind is about embracing the present and looking towards the future and you are not able to do that if you are insisting on holding onto the past or the way things were… A strong mind is not only capable of accepting change.. it welcomes it.

A strong mind is able to differentiate between what it “thinks” is going on versus what is really going on… it doesn’t assume or make assumptions… a strong mind thinks before it thinks, meaning that it checks in with itself  to make sure what it is thinking is valid or not before proceeding.

A strong mind is developed by operating outside it’s comfort zone and is especially thrives by taking on new (useful) information. Developing a strong mind is also a function of letting go of worry as worry is negative energy that takes away from a minds growth… thinking feeds the mind… worrying starves it. Finally, to develop a strong mind, one must consider him or herself a master of change rather than a helpless victim of it.

Developing a strong mind is a critical function of life as it differentiates those who can weather a storm from those who are battered by it. Building a strong mind is a lifelong process. It will not only pay off when obstacles are in your way, it will become habit and eventually a part of your overall self-identify.

Be Strong!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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