Go Through The Door

 Go Through The Door

There is the old saying that when God closes one door he opens another one but there is a problem with that idea. Yes, there might be another door open but in order to take advantage of it you have to actually go through the door!

It’s a great idea, concept or belief if you will, that other door… It is comforting to know that potentially we never lose when we believe that any defeat can be turned into good – if we are willing to understand the lesson in it all.

The problem is this though… even though we know there is that other door that is open, how often do we refuse to go through it? How often do we stand and stare or even scream and wail at the closed one while refusing to believe that it is permanently closed to us?

Maybe what we need to consider is that the door that was shut, that opportunity the we believe is lost, actually went away because in the end that is what was better for us? Maybe it was a door that only led to more unhappiness?

Go Through The Door

Sure, another door may be open to us but for it to be of any benefit at all you have to go through the door and venture into what is often the unknown.

Go through the door and don’t allow the unknown or your fear of the unknown paralyze you into standing still. Taking unconventional and unknown paths requires taking risks and it takes courage to go where others dare or have never thought of before. Be willing to go into the void and to dance in the grey areas of life. More often than not, more good comes to us from the unknown than bad.

Yes.. one door might close and another might open, but it’s not going to do you any good unless you go through the door that is newly opened for you.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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