Just Be It

 Just Be It

Hopefully, The Evil Empire will not come after me for any sort of copyright infringement here… but I did think of this on my own anyway… The best way to be something is just be it – of course you have to do it but you also have to be it.

Just Be It

I imagine you are asking yourself, “Just what the heck is Andy getting at now?” “Just be it?” – what does THAT mean?

Tri Peaks Life Coaching was more or less born in December of 2012. Of course, back then I still had my day job working in telecommunications. Fast forward to January 2014 when I took a voluntary reduction in force (layoff) package and it was at that time that Tri Peaks Life Coaching became my full time job.

Of course, I was finishing my coaching certification program which took over a year to complete… I was working with clients’ way back then, even doing it for free, as I needed to accumulate hours to complete my certification.

But for the longest time… say until November 2014 or so… whenever someone asked me the dreaded question… “So… what you do you?” I always felt compelled to tell them a story, a story that went a little like this…

“Well… I have been in computers and IT my entire life and took a voluntary layoff after sixteen years with my company… I have a master’s degree in counseling and I am working on building my own life coaching business.” Blah. Blah. Blah.

As I said… I felt compelled to tell a story… to somehow justify in some weird way where I was and what I was doing… or NOT doing – which was not having a steady nine to five job working for the man (or woman) anymore.

The problem here was that I did not “own” my gig, my thing, my new profession, or what I was doing… In other words… I wasn’t being what I wanted to be, and more accurately, I was minimizing it and making excuses for myself.

Now I can’t tell you where or when the internal shift happened exactly but after awhile I became tired of my story… I was working with clients, I was being paid, but I still did not consider myself a life coach really… But something did change, and I gave myself permission to just be it – to just embrace what I was doing fully, and it was then that being a life coach became my professional identity that I not only identified myself as, but also the identity that I presented to the world.

Now, the story is a little different and now when I am asked that question my answer is much different… “I have my master’s degree in counseling and I am a certified life coach.” Boom. Period. End of story.

That is me being it… I became a life coach not though education, training, and certificates as much as I did by just being one… And the best way to become something is to be it… Just be it – whatever it is that you want to do. Start wherever it is that you have to start and just be it – simple right?

If you want to be a cake maker – just be it – start making cakes regardless of how they turn out and work up from there. Making cakes, being a writer, being an artist, whatever… just be it and take ownership of that, fully. Sure.. work on your craft, develop your skills… but be it (whatever it is) while you are doing that.

The best way to be something or to do something is to start by being it. Start it… do it… be it… no matter what it is that you want to do… just be it.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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