Lose But Never Give Up

 Lose But Never Give Up

When I was eight, I played on the worst little league baseball team in my town. We lost every game, seriously. Our coaches were saints for sticking it out and encouraging the team. It was then that I learned the lesson; you can lose but never give up.

One of my running coaches told me something a few years ago, for some people, quitting or giving up in a long distance race can actually become a habit. They train for an ultra but after they DNF (do not finish) once, twice, three times… it becomes an easy option for them. Physically they have the ability to finish but mentally when things get tough, they are “okay” with the easy option of giving up and most never get past that, and as a result, their running careers, at least at ultra long distances, ends. These runners have learned both how to lose and how to give up which is the worst combination, ever.

There will be times when you won’t always perform at the best or your abilities, times when your challenger (which might just be life) will be better and times when circumstances will go against you. Sometimes are going to lose, period. Lose but never give up.

Lose but never give up… use a loss or defeat in anyway possible to help you to get further ahead and win the next time.

Lose But Never Give Up

  • Lose but never give up but instead learn from the experience, as most losses in life are actually lessons.
  • Lose but never give up and most importantly, keep your head up. Focus on what you did right and try to do more of that. Figure out the weaknesses in “your game” and work to improve in those areas as well.
  • Give and accept both credit and blame equally. Be just when assigning criticism and praise. Don’t be too hard on yourself but also don’t forget to take some responsibility for your results if needed.
  • Get expert assistance if needed… I am a huge fan of this option as this is my business after all… Ask an expert; get guidance, coaching, mentoring, and training or whatever it is that you need from an expert to help you to do better the next time.

Just make sure that you never, ever accept losing. Never accept losing or allow it to become a habit where you slump your shoulders, you’re happy with finishing second or you just give up. Lose but never give up but instead, keep at it until you win the next time.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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