Stop Hacking Life And Start Living It

 Stop Hacking Life And Start Living It


Hack and hacking are terms that I am a bit tired of and this is why… To “hack” something is to “work around” it rather than fix or resolve it. So stop hacking life and start living it instead of always seeking shortcuts.

Stop Hacking Life And Start Living It

Before I began my second career as a therapist and then becoming a life coach, I had been in the information technology field for nearly 15 years and most of that time as a senior software engineer in one capacity or another.

The one unflattering word we used to throw around a lot when describing other engineers, their talents, skills, their knowledge or lack thereof, was “hack.” As in “Rob is a horrible programmer… he is such a hack.” Or like when I worked in software integration… “Who wrote this hack code????”

Hacked work is shoddy work… in my first big aerospace defense job, I “fixed” a problem but when my manager saw it, she quipped… “That’s a great work-around (hack) but it is NOT a permanent fix and you need to fix this so that it is never an issue again.” That was a lesson on problem solving that I have applied every day since…

Today, everybody seems to want a hack for everything… bio-hacks, hacks for life, hacks for happiness… you get the idea… Everybody wants the quick fix in lieu of doing the work that will provide a lasting solution. Just look at all of the click-bait links you see in a day with the word “hack” as part of the title and you will see what I mean… are they offering a real solution or are they merely giving you a band aid?

Stop hacking life and start living it and experiencing full-on both the good and the bad because, hey, that’s life! Life is to be lived… to be experienced in its fullness. Hacking life is no good because if all you are doing is applying temp-fix after temp-fix, well eventually the system (your life) is going to collapse and fail.

A huge part of life and living life is making mistakes and venturing down the wrong paths where our results might not be what we originally expected. But when you find yourself in those situations, would you rather find a permanent way to resolve it or just throw some duct-tape on the issue and pretend it’s not there?

Because the other big part of life, beyond making mistakes, is LEARNING from them and then remedying the situation… That is the ultimate solution, the ultimate fix… because not only did you resolve whatever it was – you also GREW in the process and THAT is what life is about…

Hacking life is not living life… Hacking is shortcutting your life and ultimately cheating yourself. In life, especially for the bigger issues there are usually no quick and easy solutions as most of those kinds of issues require time and energy or what might be called “hard work.” And that hard work… well that’s just another part of life and living… Stop hacking life and start living your life, and be willing to do the hard work along the way…

Hack free…

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado

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