Aspen Divorce Support Group

 Aspen Divorce Support Group

Update! The Aspen Divorce Support Group is on hold indefinitely due to the remodeling of the library. Once new space is found the regular meetings will resume. Thank you.

Early in my life coaching career I had to figure out exactly what my niche is.  Who is my ideal client?  Who do I enjoy working with the most?  To be clear, it wasn’t an easy answer to come up with.  With all of my training I can actually work with many different types of clients regardless of their goals or life situations and do quite well at it, but to focus on one target audience or client group eluded me for the longest time.

Somewhere along the line several months ago the answer did come to me.  Actually it was the clue that came to me first rather than the answer.  At some point I had heard, or read, or watched something, or something came up in a conversation… the origin is really unclear but what I heard was “your niche is probably someone exactly like you were at one time.”

At first that did not mean a lot to me or resonate strongly so it was archived in the back of my mind.  Over time though, the more people I worked with, my clients, I began to see a pattern in all of my clients which was basically people who are divorced and divorcing and going the process of rebuilding and retooling their lives after that event.

Then it all began to make sense.  Everything clicked.

When I went back to school in 2004 to get my masters in counseling it was because I had just gotten divorced myself.  I had a keen interest in relationships, how they work, how they break down, and in helping people who went through exactly what I had just gone through.  My mission I guess was that I wanted to help people have an easier go at it than I did.  Of course through school, my internships, and actually working doing emergency room psych triage took me a way from all of that but over the past year I have circled back around and am actually focusing solely on that in my coaching business.  Brilliant!

Out of curiosity a few weeks ago I was reading the local paper and checking out all of the local support groups and guess what?  Aspen does not have a local divorce support group at all.  There are many other free support groups for a lot of other things but nothing geared specifically for those who are divorced and divorcing.  So this is my specialty and I live somewhere that does not have a support group so I did what I felt I must.  I am starting one myself!

At first I had to find a meeting place, set up the schedule, reserve the space and start advertising for it.  All of that took a week or so to do and now it is all set.  It will be the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, 6:15 – 7:45 P.M. at the Pitkin County Library here in Aspen.  The meeting will be in the downstairs meeting room.

I can not say just how exciting this is for me.  I found the need in the community and have taken steps to bring this into being.  I am not sure where this is going to lead but I am positive it will be an adventure that is exciting and rewarding.