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Get your life back on track

We all get stuck from time to time. We all lose sight of our goals, get paralyzed when making an important decision. We get stuck in old habits, stuck in resentments or stuck in an unhealthy relationship dynamic.

When things start to feel immovable, out of focus or downright hopeless, we want to give up or find a distraction to drown out the nagging feeling that we need to make a change.

In reality, making a change isn’t all that hard, you’re adaptable and you are fully capable of doing the hard work to get unstuck. But sometimes you need help coming up with a plan, or gaining clarity on what you really want.

When you make a commitment to yourself by hiring a coach, a whole world of benefits falls to your feet.   A coach gives you an edge, enabling you to go from being great to being extraordinary.

Hi I’m Andy Wooten

I’m a certified personal empowerment coach, living in beautiful Aspen, Colorado. If it’s time to get unstuck in your career, your relationships, your health and your overall satisfaction in life, then it’s time to get serious about asking for help.

If you are ready to:

  • Go from overwhelmed to on fire
  • Become a master at adapting to change
  • Awaken to a new life full of happiness and fulfillment
  • Bulldoze the blocks that keep you stuck and unhappy
  • Unlock your true potential and live a life you’ve only dreamed of

With my help, in a few short months, you will be on the path to the life you want. Together we’ll create a customized action plan for getting you unstuck.

I can help you with:

  • Making difficult decisions regarding your health, relationships or career
  • Turning your calling into your career
  • Getting unstuck, finding balance and joy even in the hard times
  • Dealing with overwhelm in your personal and professional life
  • Recovering from divorce and major life changes
  • Discovering what you really want and finding the focus to go get it

I’ll make the process of clearing out the distractions, managing overwhelm and letting go of burdens an easy and streamlined process. I’ll help you discover what’s blocking you from getting what you want and forge a path to your new life.

My Professional Bio

My journey to becoming a life coach started many years ago. I had a successful career in the Air Force and then as a software systems engineer but after many years of working with computers in a large telecommunications company, I was no longer feeling fulfilled. I started thinking about making big changes.

Then in 2004, I went through a divorce which caused me do some soul searching. It was time to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Somehow, I found myself back in school to pursue my heart’s calling  – to help people work through tough issues.

I earned my Masters degree in Counseling and spent several years helping clients both individually and in groups. I went on to obtain my life coaching certification from the Quantum Success Coaching Academy and now I’m taking all that I’ve learned, combined with my passion for health and fitness to help my clients make monumental shifts in their lives.

My passion is to help men and women get the most out of life. I can help you to create a plan, set up intermediate milestones, track progress and provide a source of accountability.

As an avid runner and nutrition enthusiast, I have dedicated myself to the sport of running and the understanding of nutrition. I am sponsored by Hoka Running and have completed the Leadville 100 Race Across the Sky, four times. In 2013, I competed in and finished the Leadman Race Series which involves the Leadville Marathon, 50 mile mountain bike race, 100 mile mountain bike race, 10K, and the Leadville 100 mile trail run which I finished in under 24 hours with  a time of 23:18.

Don’t worry, I don’t make all my clients train for a 24 hour races, but if you’re serious about changing your life, if you’re up for a challenge and committed to seeing results, I’m here to help you make that a reality.

Ready to take action and see results?

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