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The Law Of Polarity

The seventh and final essential universal law is the Law of Polarity. This law states that “unity is plural at a minimum of two.” What that means is that in the duality that exists, there are two poles for everything. Everything has it’s opposite. Polarity represents the two extremes of one “thing” which is the same thing.

Some examples of polarity would be:

  • day and night
  • light and dark
  • abundance and lack
  • love and fear
  • happy and sad
  • pleasure and pain
  • success and failure
  • good and bad

Everything in the universe has its opposite. You have a right and left side to your body, a front and back.Every up has a down and every down has an up. The Law of Polarity not only states that everything has an opposite, it is equal and opposite. If it was 3 feet from the floor up on to the table, it would be 3 feet from the table down to the floor. If it is 2400 miles from New York to Los Angeles, then it must be 2400 miles from Los Angeles to New York; it could not be any other way.

If something you considered bad happens in your life, there has to be something good about it. If it was only a little bad, when you mentally work your way around to the other side, you will find it will only be a little good.

Every situation JUST IS, you make it negative or positive by virtue of how you choose to think about the situation. When you look at the situation one way and it is negative, you can change your perspective and look at it from the opposite viewpoint and find, it will be positive.

This law states that in any situation there must be an opposite – you just have to look for it. The same goes for people. Constantly look for the good in people. When you find it, tell the person. People love compliments and the positive idea in your mind makes you feel good. Remember, a positive thought equals a positive vibration.

This means whenever we think about anything that we desire — whether it’s money, success, relationships, a particular lifestyle… we are focused either on its presence, or on its absence. When we are focused on its absence, we attract more lack. When we focus on its presence, we magnetize to ourselves the things we desire.

Understanding the Law of Polarity is the secret to stop getting what you don’t want, and start getting more of what you do want.

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – Certified Life Coach – Aspen, Colorado