law allowing

Law Allowing

The third essential universal law is The Law of Allowing. This is the principle of least action or of no resistance.

There are two ways to apply this law. The first is in relationships and in allowing others to be exactly how they are within the relationship. The second is the way we allow or receive from the universe to deliver all that we desire.

You are out of alignment with the Law of Allowing if you believe that another person needs to think, feel, behave, and act according to how you think they “should.” If you need to make everyone conform in order to feel good about yourself and your world, you will never experience freedom.

When we desire something to manifest from the universe, and we are feeling negative emotions, we are blocking that creation from coming into manifestation.

A process that can be used with is law is called the “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If …?” process. This question naturally elicits from you a more positive, expectant response which raises your vibration and improves your point of attraction. When you ask this question about any subject, you are choosing something that you want, and you’re being soft and easy about it. You are holding yourself in a place of alignment with your desire. Use your imagination and try to hold your focus on any subject as long as possible. Trust that things will come into alignment – and it will.

Another process is the “Which Thought Feels Better?” process. Each subject is really two subjects: something that you desire, and the absence of something you desire. They have very different vibrational frequencies. This process helps you to consciously identify the vibrational frequency of each thought. Sit for a few minutes and write your thoughts on paper about how you really feel about the subject right now. Next, write another statement that amplifies exactly how you can feel even better about it. Keep writing and try to improve how you feel. This helps you to become more aware of how your thoughts feel and to become more adept at choosing better feeling- thoughts. Conditions and circumstances will change to match your feeling. Your thoughts really can influence everything around you.

Everyone is at different places of desire, or wanting, and of understanding. To fully understand the Law of Allowing, you have to look at it from the standpoint of resistance. If you resist something, you will not get it. That is as simple an explanation as you can have. When you use the Law of Allowing, you are saying that you have no resistance to what you want and the flow of energy will be easy and direct. There will be no stumbling blocks.

The best way to practice the Law of Allowing is by simply saying “yes” to things you receive in your life.

Can you think of things or situations that you are resisting instead of just letting the Law of Allowing go to work in your life?