Don’t Buy Into Your Own BS

 Don’t Buy Into Your Own BS

Don’t buy into your own BS – this was the thought that I had today as I was driving on an errand. Yes, that specific thought at that moment was aimed at me, in that moment, and once I listened and heeded to that voice, I had a cool insight.

Don’t Buy Into Your Own BS

Don’t buy into your own BS especially when it comes to how “great” you might be. Because I will tell you what… the moment that you “might” be great, and you start believing your own BS… well, it is at that exact moment that you will begin to coast and you can kiss any “greatness” goodbye.

On the other hand, don’t by into your own BS when it comes to what you are capable of or not, or what kind of person you might be, good or bad, or any of that. Anytime that you think or say that you can’t do a thing… chances are that is the BS talking… so don’t listen to that.

The bottom line is this… whether we think we are rock stars or we think that we are undeserving of whatever, be it love, success, anything… more often than not the voice that makes those statements is utter BS.

So, not only is it important to have a fully functioning BS meter when you are dealing with people in your everyday life, it is just as important to have your own internal BS meter so that you don’t buy into your own BS at the same time.

Good or bad, the most dangerous lies that we tell are the ones that we tell ourselves. Worse than the lies is when we chose to believe that those lies are reality.

From here on out, make a deal with yourself that not only will you not buy into the BS of others… Don’t buy into your own BS either…

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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