What Makes Strong People “Different?”

 What Makes Strong People “Different?”

What makes strong people different from others who are whiners, complainers, and persistent victims of situations that are usually of their own making? Are strong people just born that way; or is there something else that sets them apart?

What Makes Strong People “Different?”

Me, personally, I gravitate towards strong people and I guess that is because I consider myself a rather strong person in my own right. But first, let’s get clear on what and what is not a strong person…

First of all, a strong person is not necessarily overly successful, or rich, or influential… although they very well may be. A strong person does not derive his or her self-perceived strength by lording over others… they derive their strength primarily by being able to lord over themselves first. Power over others is merely and illusion, but power over one’s self, that is true power… that is true personal strength and what makes a strong person different from those who are not.

Strong people know that being strong ultimately comes down to a choice because most strong people had to make that choice at one time or the other in his or her life. Be strong or die… be strong or be homeless and penniless… be strong or continue to be victimized by whatever… be strong and survive.

And many of these folks, the strong people, probably had zero idea of their personal strength until being strong was their absolute and only option. Whatever event put them down on the mat in life also made them realize that they had a choice… keep lying down until the ten-count was over or get the hell back up and get back in the fight.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with a friend and local businessperson who is the epitome of a strong person… Sparing you the full story, her life completely imploded/exploded over a year ago and left without too many options. Armed with nothing but her vision and determination to make a better life for herself, now sits on the precipice of owning two or three awesome businesses, is completely self-sufficient, and will never rely on anyone again for the rest of her life for her well-being, financial or otherwise. She had a choice and she chose to be strong and press forward and is now where she is because of doing that.

And that is ultimately the difference between strong people and the ones who buckle under… strong people by one way or the other master the skill of turning shit into gold whenever and wherever they must. Not only do they refuse to be knocked down but if they are – they INSIST on getting back up and will fight to the very end to win and come out on top.

And in the end, that is what makes strong people different…

Post Script: I unintentionally took an unplanned sabbatical from writing the past few weeks, as I had to get my life back to “normal” after a crazy and hectic November, December, and first part of January. Now I am back and back on-point 100%.

It is good to be back!

Andy Wooten M.A. Counseling – A Certified Life Coach In Aspen Colorado

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